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My Three Favorite Physical Activities

My Three Favorite Physical ActivitiesI love trying out new physical activities and getting out of my comfort zone. A few years ago I was always intimidated to try out new activities but overtime, I realized how much all of these new hobbies and interests were benefiting me.

I was gaining a whole new sense of confidence from stepping out of my comfort zone and I was meeting a ton of people as well.

Eventually I was starting to wonder why I ever felt intimidated to begin with.

1) Yoga.

I’ve tried Bikram yoga and regular yoga, and eventually learned I was a fan of regular yoga a lot more. I wasn’t personally a fan of the 105 degree temperature in the room while doing different difficult poses. Bikram yoga really challenged me and although I felt great afterwards, it was simply too much to handle. I still believe you all should try it if you haven’t already because we are all into different things.

After trying Bikram, I decided to give yoga another try and practice in regular room temperature. I found a yoga studio that allows you to try out different room temperatures and they also give a variety of different classes.

Yoga was definitely a lot harder than I thought it would be, and I can admit I probably looked a bit silly my first day, but I still had a lot of fun.

It’s amazing to see how much I’ve improved in my poses. Yoga is so much more than just a workout, but it’s very spiritual as well. You learn so much about yourself and gain a whole new sense of confidence.

2) Kickboxing.

There honestly isn’t any kind of physical activity like kickboxing. I didn’t go to a ‘real’ kickboxing gym, it was more like a mixture of kickboxing and cardio workouts.

On the side of the gym they offered real boxing classes, but I never did those. I still got to learn basic moves and was gaining confidence after each class. I also feel pretty awesome when I have my kickboxing gloves on!

3) Rock climbing.

I’m nowhere near an avid rock climber, but this was definitely the most fun for me. It didn’t once feel like a workout throughout the time I was doing it. I also had to push myself more than ever before and seeing how much higher I had to climb gave me so much motivation. Once you reach the top, the feeling gives you such a boost of confidence.

There were times when I didn’t even think I would complete the wall, but I did. I also got over my fear of heights a little bit. I remember being only halfway up the wall and freaking out because of how high it was! I’m terrified of heights and if you are too, you’ll be fine. It’s kind of exciting to jump off the wall to get down, but I still get this scary feeling in my stomach.

No matter how intimidated you feel, definitely give everything a try. I’ve never once felt intimidated AFTER walking into a gym. The people are so nice and welcoming each time, and there will always be first timers there with you.

What are some of your favorite activities? Was there anything that I didn’t mention that I should give a try?


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