According to a recent post on Facebook, the technology sector hasn’t been doing so well lately. A 19% loss of stock in one day and 120% loss over a week have added to the woes of Facebook. The quarterly results of Netflix to have not had impressive profit figures. Investors now are quite apprehensive that the technology sector had rallied 30% in the previous year. It is fairing well when looking at the larger picture, will not have favorable outcomes now. The tax plan by Trump is expected to assist the large companies for the rest of the year in 2018. It is, however, essential for the investors to choose their technology mutual funds wisely. They must keep in mind the short term and long term goals of the investor. If diversification of your portfolio is your objective, following are the 4 four technology mutual funds for 2018 that are to be taken into consideration:

Fidelity Select IT Services Portfolio(FBSOX)- Fidelity is the issuer of the company, and its expense ratio is 0.77%. The YTD Performance is 16.72% in the year, 2018. FBSOX goes way back in time and is one of the biggest of tech mutual funds. Capital appreciation is the primary aims of the funds, and 80% of its assets have been invested in IT service provider companies. There is a requirement of $2500 minimum, and minimum recurring investment should be $25. 

Red Oak Technology Select Fund(ROGSX)-Oak Associates Funds is the issuer of ROGSX. Its expense ratio is 0.97%, and its YTD  performance is 17.63%. If an individual is seeking long term growth, then he should go for this fund that has its foundation laid on fundamental and not market cap. It has been fairing quite well since the year 1998 that is when it was incepted delivering 5%  returns. The portfolio of the funds has 34 holdings, given that the ten equities that top the chart account for 46% of all its assets.

T.Rowe Price Global Technology Fund(PRGTX) – The issuer of the fund is T.Rowe Price, and its expense ratio is 0.89%. It YTD performance is at 0.71%. Investors who have set long term growth as their objective, this fund provide aggressive capital growth. Its inception has been marked in the year 2000 since when it has been doing well by outperforming the Lipper average. 6.98%, 22.16%, 21.84 are the one, three, and five annual returns on an average. It is also important to note that its assets under management are $5.6 billion. 

Columbia Seligman Global Technology Fund(SHGTX)- Columbia Threadneedle Investments is the issuer of SHGTX. Its assets under management are $1.21, and its expense ratio is 1.33%. YTD performance is marked at 8.41%. Semiconductors are what this fund mainly consists of, laying very little stress on IT. This particular fund has consistently outperformed in the last three year by 5% and 10%. 11.72, 23.31, and 20.20% are the annual returns of one three and five years respectively. 

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