How difficult is it to choose the right domain name, right? Wrong! (speed of art), (who represents), (Ben Dover), (kids exchange), (teachers talking)— all have one thing in common— they are serious service providing portals with a domain name of obvious choice of words; however, they come across as being humorous, inappropriate, and in some cases, disastrous, and all this, unintentionally.

Picking a domain name is like naming a company or a new-born baby— not only will people remember you by that name, but also, it will add to your credibility, as a name can have an everlasting impact on people.

Picking the right domain name for your blog is very important and, probably, the most confusing and tiresome task— how are you supposed to sum the crux of your views, all in a couple of words?

A blog is literally an online diary or journal that is open for the public to view and comment, thus making it an extension of the author’s persona and it is important to choose a desirable name that will help build credibility, add a sense of professionalism, or just create hype to attract viewers— depending on the purpose of the blog— helping enhance branding of a product, service, business, or person.

There are many factors that go into picking the most desirable name and to begin with, it is important to have an overview of the blog.
• What is the topic of the blog?
• What do you hope to achieve?
• What is your style of writing?
• What will be the tone used?
• Who is the target audience?

Domain names should be unique, relevant, should have appropriate keywords, and importantly, must be short and easy to remember— because lets face it— web users are incredibly lazy and the last thing they would want to do is spend too much time tracking a blog.

The name will also influence the type of traffic the blog will attract. Thus, it is critical to choose a name that will help attract a certain kind of traffic, depending on the intended audience. Traffic can be from search engines, loyal readers, or referral readers.

Bloggers can get domains attached to a URL supplied by a blog hosting company or can opt for a custom domain— a stand-alone blog where the domain name will be the name of the blog— giving you an added advantage of solidifying your presence across the internet. However, that will also leave you with lighter pockets!

“.com” extension is a popular option while picking domain names, as it ranks high on search engines, making it more visible and also, it is the first choice when people think of websites. “.net” and “.org” can also be used; however, “.com” is the most preferred.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to picking domain names. It should be an extension of what the blog is about or the blogger. So keep your creative juices flowing, and choose your domain name soon because you never know who else is cooking up the same name!

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