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The Best Technology for Keeping Track of Your Finances

The Best Technology for Keeping Track of Your Finances


Staying on top of personal finance has always been a struggle for some people. From the very early years when the concept of money was first introduced there were (probably) already a number of people encountering problems looking after their finances.

The world has advanced a lot since the Aztecs used dolls made of solid gold to pay for products and services. So have our methods, services and technology to help those who have real trouble looking after their own funds. If you find it hard to handle budgeting and keeping track of your outcome and expenditure there are many ways technology can help.

Personal Finance Websites

Setting up a spreadsheet to manage your money can be a good idea. For those not as technically adept or lacking the time to run one, using any of the personal websites out there presents a much easier option.

Many of these are free, although there are a range of paid for ones which offer more in depth services. They all collate your bank accounts, investments, credit cards and any other financial accounts you possess. Most show where your money is coming in and out but also allow you to set up a budget which warns if you go out of its boundaries.

Online Calculators

There are a range of different online calculators available which can be used for a number of personal finance applications. Whether you need to borrow money and want to see how much you can realistically afford or have a savings goal you need to meet, these will help you decide how much needs to be saved each month.

Almost all of these are free and provide an instant financial plan. Just tap in the simple details such as the amount you need to borrow or save, the time period and any other required information. Read more about online calculators.

Money Management Apps

The mobile app market has boomed in the last couple of years so it’s no surprise there are now hundreds of money management apps to download. This is handy to have in your pocket so if you’re out and about you can instantly check whether making certain purchases fit in with your budget.

As with websites many of these are free although paid for versions do exist. These can be used to track your income and outcome, some which sync with your bank accounts and others which you must manually tap in. Use this technology to keep on top of your financial situation.

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