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What Size TV Should I Buy?

There are a variety of different TV sizes you can purchase. Some go small and invest in a basic 37-inch flat screen, while others opt for a large 90-inch. Obviously, your budget might dictate what TV you can afford. However, there are other factors that can influence which TV size you choose. To help you choose the right option, check out these tips.

Size Recommendations

Most people agree that you should pick a TV that has the right screen size for the seating distance. If you have a small TV and you are sitting far away, then it might be difficult to see. On the other hand, if the TV is too large and you sit close, your view might be clouded.

Many people recommend creating a 40-degree angle with your TV to determine what size of TV is right. For those who are not up to date in geometry, simply multiply the distance between your seating and TV by .84. For example, if you sit 9 feet away from your TV (108 inches), then a 90-inch TV is a great screen size.

Other Factors to Consider

There are other factors to consider when you are looking for the right size of TV. First, make sure that the TV does not get blurry when you are sitting up close. This can happen with larger TVs. Also, make sure that the TV doesn’t overpower the room. You don’t want it to be the only thing that you see when you enter the room.

If you are unsure about the size of the TV, tape it off on the wall before you purchase it. This will help you determine if it looks right in your room. Also, make sure that you like how it looks with the other decorations in the room.

Although there are no set rules for purchasing the right size of TV, these tips can help you purchase the right one. There are several great TVs available and size is often a matter of preference.

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