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Should You DIY Holiday Presents?

Will DIYing Holiday Presents Save You Money?We are finally just days away from the biggest gift giving holiday of the year. Yes, CHRISTMAS!

If you have not completely your holiday shopping, you might be thinking about DIYing some presents. However, how do you know if that’s for you? In today’s post, we will be discussing some of the different options for someone who is interested in DIYing holiday presents this year.

Do you have time to DIY holiday presents?

Since Christmas is only a few days away, do you even have time to DIY a holiday present or even multiple holiday presents? You might if you have the next few days off, but there is probably a rather large chance that you do not.

You don’t want to sacrifice quality and get your loved ones garbage presents just because you didn’t realize your limited your time was. Or at least I wouldn’t want to do that to my loved ones!

Will you actually be saving any money by DIYing holiday presents?

Most people make the mistake of assuming that DIYing holiday presents will save you money. However, that is not always true. DIYing a present may actually cost you more money than if you would have just bought the holiday present instead.

What last minute holiday gifts could you make?

Some of the gift ideas you may want to make include:

  • Knitted gifts. If you are a good knitter, then you may have time to knit a scarf, socks, or even a clothing item. Knitting a present most likely won’t save you money though, and that is a mistake that many new knitters make. However, they can be great gifts and they are always some of my favorite past gifts that I have ever received! I LOVE knitted socks 🙂
  • A gift in a mason jar. There are many simple gifts that you can pretty much just throw together and put in a jar. One example is to make a hot cocoa jar. You can put marshmallows, hot cocoa mix, and more into a mason jar. Another idea is to put all the ingredients into a mason jar to make a dessert such as brownies.

Did you decide to DIY holiday presents this year? Why or why not?


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