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An unfortunate element of modern day life is the need for unexpected financial commitments to be met in a short space of time. Life has a way of throwing things at us – good and bad – that only money can address. The truth is everyone at some point has had a short-term crisis or unexpected expenses that they’ve needed cash to resolve. This is as true of people who are fortunate enough to have savings as it is of those who do not have the income to be able to put some aside every month.

When there’s a need for money on a short term basis there are a number of ways that one can go about obtaining it. Often it might be that family and close friends are in a position to help, but not everyone likes asking or imposing like that, even if the amount can be repaid in days with no fuss or argument, many even make it a rule not to lend between their friends and family as this can so often be a cause of stress and (sometimes permanent) damage to the relationship. When you’re really stuck in an emergency situation (i.e. you really need cash) it might be worth biting the bullet with these guys as opposed to putting your loved ones in the awkward situation where they might need to refuse you help.

Many of you who’ve heard of the ‘payday loan’ before will doubtless think of the sensationalist headlines newspapers have run and stop reading this. It would be better, however, if you read the other side of the story. Obviously the interest rates are so high on these loans that it’s never recommended to rely on them but the idea of a payday loan is that it should be paid back in days or no more than two or three weeks – suited for those that need the money before their salary is available and accept the responsibility to pay back as agreed.

When people treat this short term loan as a long term one (which can happen unfortunately) against the conditions, then the interest naturally increases – just as it would with a bank or any financial institution. While it may be considered strange that the loan company is expected to take the blame for someone approaching them for a loan for the wrong reasons they have a strict ethical responsibility that is also enforced by new FCA regulations to keep potential lenders safe from the very real threat of a debt spiral.

There are many real-life people who urgently neededa loan, paid it back in the agreed space of time and found that their interest bill was typically less than just the administration fees that banks would have charged for the same service. A company like the aforementioned Wizzcash, just like banks, exists to make profit of course – a profit that is only possible via acting with integrity and treating valued customers in a fair and amicable way. If you’re going to use them at least use the ethical Brands that are engaged with their customers.

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