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Secret of Staying Productive and in Control


People, irrespective of their professions, are in search of happiness and self contentment in generations after generations. While, these two can only be achieved by obtaining a balance in their respective hectic lives, of course, there are other factors which play definite roles in achieving the self contentment, but the truth being that all those factors are also aimed at gaining a balance. Now, balance can be easily obtained by having the net moment zero or by adding cations in the either side; but the difficulty lies in the subject we are currently dealing with. This subject, known as life, can’t be balanced with methods described above; but with a slight access to yourself. No one understands you better than you yourself. Thus, self control is the primary strength which keeps your productive and in control. Here are some of the secrets below:

How to stay productive and in control?
1. Eat: Surprisingly, you need to control your diet for achieving the summit of productivity. It is scientifically deduced that when your brain applies self control, it burns heavily into your stores of glucose. Hence, it is advised to keep your sugar levels low in your diet. Lesser the glucose, lesser will be the Burns and lesser will be your impulsive behavior and short tempers. Eating fresh meat and while grain rice will help you in elevating your self control.
2. Forgive yourself: It is a fact that failures are a part and parcel of our lives. But no book has ever stated to hold you depressed keeping in mind me about the failures. You should learn to know about your potential first, forgive your self and move on. Self confidence is the key to success. Learn to fail, accept the failures and rise out again with loads of energy and enthusiasm.
3. Say “no” : Most of the people are afraid of losing their kidneys if they have to say a “no” . It is quite a weird piece of mentality which drives people to learn phrases like “uncertain of” and “probably not” . If you are to be a productive one, you should be confident and bold enough to speak a no directly without any sense of hesitation. This is a very basic act of self control.
4. Be optimistic: Encourage yourself with the positive outcomes. It helps you cope up with any sort of procedural drawbacks and also increases of chances of success. Turning your thoughts towards the negative side will discourage you and eventually cost you a loss of focus. When things aren’t on your side and you are unable to focus on your goals, just move back to the glories of the past. Don’t let the present negative thoughts let you down and demoralise you. Never give up and always keep faith in yourself.
5. Exercise: This is another important secret towards obtaining a balance in your life. Exercising releases GABA, a neurotransmitter, that refresher your brain and keeps you in control of your impulses. This depends on how you manage your time and space. However, if you can’t sort out your time for exercising, you can also perform meditation. Meditation converts your brain to a self control machine.
There are also some other secrets of leading a productive and controlled life. But the above 5 were the basic and easiest of all.

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