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How to Save Small and Finally Make it Huge

How to Save Small and Finally Make it Huge


Since you’re visiting this page, you’re either aspiring to start saving to purchase that dream car you just saw in a showroom on your way to your destination, or a student who’s given an assignment to write an essay on this topic, and you’re hoping to learn a thing or two from the sensei (me), or you’re just a dependent individual who’s willing to improve/sustain the financial conditions at home.

Whatever your case maybe, neither fear, nor live in despair, for I, the guru of savings is here!!

For first timers, saving is quite a rational, yet a difficult action to pursue. But once you have absolutely, positively and wholeheartedly decided to save, it shouldn’t be that difficult of a task, right? Because when there’s a will, then there’s definitely a way.
Nonetheless, it is always encouraged to save small so that at some point in future, you’ve made it huge. That’s manageable, right? You don’t need to cut down on massive expenditures all at once and isolate yourself in a cave, no.
To make a huge saving, firstly, cut down your expenditures in chunks. This means that if your expenditures are divided into food, health, recreation, shopping, and other tempting activities, then you can begin saving on each of them by beginning with a small figure – say 100 INR. This may seem like a pretty minute number, but hey, if your expenditure is divided into 5 areas, and you multiply that with 100, you’ll be saving 500 INR altogether! Do the math! That’s huge, okay? Learn to take baby steps first, and then you can walk like an adult.

Secondly, maintain annual budgets and break those down into monthly budgets! It’s not necessary that you strictly adhere to the same budget every month/year; they can change depending on multifarious factors such as your income, your country’s inflation rate and yada-yada-yada. The bottom line is that planning ahead always gives you a better outcome, so once you’ve decided on your budget, you have a blueprint that you need to strictly adhere to in terms of spending.

Thirdly, go for economy packs or other offers when it comes to purchasing products. Many times, many companies introduce either discounted prices for their commodities, or some other offer, like that buy-1-get-1-free offer. Then, there are value packs too, in which they provide you a greater quantity of a product for a lesser price. Point being, the aforementioned tactics to purchasing products always will save you a tiny amount of money. But then again, saving small is highly recommended to all savers, because that is an essential key to saving in itself!

Moreover, there are many other creative ways to save small as well. For instance, instead of buying that fancy photo-frame or that irresistible showpiece, you could actually make one using your handicrafts skills! That way, you won’t just save, but will get a chance to be appreciated for being the creative genius that you are!
To sum it up, saving is an art that anyone can master, irrespective of their age, gender or income. The only thing required to do so is sheer dedication, and when you have that, your petty savings will start looking like major ones in no time! After all, every little drop of water makes a huge sea.

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