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How To Save On Your Next Hotel Stay

How To Save On Your Next Hotel StayI enjoy going on vacations, who doesn’t? Even though I love them, the hotel stay is almost always what busts my budget. Lately, I have been trying extra hard to score deals on hotels, and it’s working.

I’m not the type of person who wants to spend $500 on each night in a hotel. I’m more of a bargain hunter than that. However, with that being said, I do like to be comfortable wherever I am, as I usually like to sleep in and have a nice view from my hotel room.

Below are 4 ways to save on your next hotel stay:

1. Be flexible with when you stay.

Weekdays are usually much less expensive than staying during the weekends. This is because weekends are usually a much busier time for a hotel, so they can increase their prices to match the increased demand.

Also, you might want to look and try to travel during the off-season. If there is a big event or if it’s the peak season for your vacation destination, then you may find yourself spending much more money to stay at the same exact hotel then if you were to travel during a slower time.

2. Don’t forget the total cost.

When staying at a hotel, there are many extra costs that can add up quickly. There might be parking fees, resort fees, gym fees, and more. Then you need to look at your food options at and around the hotel because sometimes those can be very expensive.

The last cost would be how far away the hotel is from everything you would like to do. Some just choose the cheapest hotel and completely forget about how far away the hotel is from all the activities they want to take part in. This can mean very expensive taxi rides that you forgot to budget in.

3. Shop around.

When I look for a hotel to stay at, I usually browse multiple websites. This is because I want to find the perfect place, and also because I know that prices can vary for the same exact hotel. I will search Google, Expedia, Priceline, and the hotel’s direct website.

You might even be able to contact the hotel directly and ask if they will match or discount their room. This has worked for me several times.

4. Use credit card rewards.

Credit card rewards is where you earn travel (or cash, gift cards, etc.) rewards by using your credit card just like you normally would. Then you apply these rewards towards future travel such as a hotel stay. This can be a great way to save money on your hotel because you could get an amazing hotel for FREE!

I know someone who recently stayed at a very nice $1,000 a night hotel for a week for free because they earned travel rewards through their credit card. That is amazing! This is a level that I would like to be at someday.

How much do you usually budget for hotels?

Do you have any fun trips planned?


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