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Planning Your Next Frugal Vacation

Planning Your Next Frugal VacationI’m all for vacations. I know that some people are homebodies (and sometimes I am that person), but I also love a really good vacation. I have done a lot of traveling in the past few years, but I also haven’t spent that much money as well. I will not lie though, I still have spent thousands on my trips, but I am probably saving over 50% of what the average person pays for their vacations.

I have heard of people paying $5,000 for a one-week vacation to a place in the United States or somewhere close-by, and that just astonishes me. I understand if it’s $5,000 to go halfway across the world (because airfare can add up), but there are so many ways to save a ton of money on your vacation.

Here are my tips to plan your next frugal vacation.

Churn those credit cards.

If you are bad with credit cards and find yourself spending more than you usually would, then please completely ignore this step. Churning credit cards with travel rewards can lead to you getting some free travel. More on this subject in a future post!

Ask the hotel directly.

Directly asking for a discount can sometimes work. Usually I will find a price online and ask the hotel if they will match or even lower the price. I usually like to book direct because there seems to be less problems when you book direct.

Compare prices.

There are so many websites out there that will give you pricing for what you are looking for. And guess what? These prices almost always differ at least by a little bit. You should look on all of the different websites and see where you can find the best pricing.

Shop on different days.

Different days will lead to different pricing. The other day I was looking at hotels and found a 3 night price for the super cheap price of $300, whereas just one week later, the hotel for the same amount of nights hopped up to $600.

Save money on food.

If you are like me, then you probably like to try as much new food as you can when you are on vacation. If this is the case, then you should try to venture outside of your hotel and try actual local restaurants. The pricing is probably much cheaper than the expensive hotel prices.

Another way to save money on food is to buy some food and store it in your hotel room. Chips, drinks, and possibly sandwiches (if you have a fridge) are all food items that you can probably buy and munch on in your hotel room.

What frugal vacation tips do you have? How much do your vacations usually cost?


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