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Part Time Jobs: The good, the bad!


Part time jobs

With more and more portion of the population falling into the category of ‘Youth’, part-time jobs have been on the rise. The convenience of having to work after you are done with the college for the day or even working more after finished the primary job duration and earning some extra bucks is becoming a trend. There are a lot of students who you will find either working to get themselves through college or even just working part time to gain some experience. Overall, part-time jobs have a really attractive and also a downside to it. Let’s have a closer look at the plus and minus of having or taking up part-time jobs.

The Good

  • Experience:

Having a part-time job as a student leads to getting hands on experience which will help them when they take up their full-time job as a career later on.  Knowing how much value experience adds up to the resume of a person, it is only advisable to take it up and learn more and more.

  • Low Pressure:

You will not be facing those deadly deadlines and will not be subjected to that much of work load either. Being an intern or a part-time employee will make sure that you get enough work which you can handle and there will be less pressure to meet the deadlines unlike a full-time job.

  • Flexibility:

You will have the freedom to flex your timings according to your time frame. You may be allotted just a fixed amount of time that you need to report to and account for and that can be done at any point of time comfortable for you.

  • Space:

Having a part time job will give you the space you need to focus on other aspects of your life. You will not be committed to your work space all day long and you will have loads of options to explore while you are not working.

The Bad

  • Security:

While it may look like it’s all good to take up, the job will offer you no security which means you will be prone to be axed at any point of time that the company considers best. There is no bond that will ensure that you have the job security.

  • Perks:

You may not be in a position to enjoy provisions such as insurance and other add-ons that the regular or full-time employees get on their hands. It may not mean much if you are not looking to pursue it for a long time. However, having them is not such a bad thing either and in fact takes care of some of the aspects of your life.

  • Retire:

You hardly get anything when you retire. Unlike the full-time employees that have the bonuses and extras that they get as benefits during their retirement, you will not receive any such benefits. So if you are looking to stay with the firm you just joined for a long time, it is best if you convert your part time opportunity to a full-time one so that you get the benefits.

  • Climbing the ladder:

Since you have taken up a part time job, you will not be in any position to enjoy a promotion. Promotions are given generally to the ones who are stable and up to the mark when it comes to the productivity of their work.

  • A tad bit too much:

Having to juggle too many things will only make it all the more difficult for you. You can hardly do anything beyond it and might find it a little stressful to manage many at a time.

Having a part time job has its perks. If you have clarity as to what you are looking for with the job, then you will find it easier on yourself. But, if you do jump into things without knowing anything as to why or what you will be doing, then you will find it extremely difficult to put up with things. Make up your mind and when you are sure you need it, take it up and explore your options and when you are convinced that you want more of it, convert that little part time job into a full time one.

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