Business name

Business name

Everything on this planet has a name. this is what helps us to identify each other. Well, same is the case with the name of your company. It is your identity through which people will be able to recognize you. the name of your brand plays a major role in determining what people perceive you to be and how your base of loyal clients is developed soon. This is why you must read ahead to find out about some of the common mistakes that are made while naming the company and how they can be avoided.

  1. Do not get everyone involved: This is a reference to everyone in the company as well as other people in your life. You see, everyone has a different opinion and choice. This is where the problem arises when you get too many people involved. I am sure that you must have heard about how too many cooks spoil the broth. This is why you must make sure that only key board members and investors are called in to decide the name of the company. Since only one name can be chosen, all top suggestions must be voted and then a voting or luck draw seems the best.
  2. Do not just use plain words: You must never use simple words that will not stand out in the crowd. Yes, it is true that it is recommended for you to use easy words which are not difficult to pronounce and remember. However, that does not mean that you and up choosing a simple name. On the contrary, you must be able to come up with a creative name that speaks of your products and services as well as seems great and catchy. In fact, with social media marketing catching up at such a pace, you need to be quick with your thinking hats.
  3. Using foreign words: There are. A lot of times when we feel that using foreign words to name our company will be a good idea. However, that is just a misconception. This is because t will take a lot of time for the masses to get the hang of your name. your first target is the local population of your city and country. This is why you must choose a name that they can pronounce and understand the meaning of. This is what will also help you to draw customers who will be availing of your services for the first time.
  4. Using synonyms: This is one of the lamest things that anyone can do. For those who do not get it, I would like to site a simple example. There are a number of companies who have names like ‘Peak’, ‘Summit’, ‘Apex’ and ‘Top’. Now, you must be wondering that what is wrong with these names because they are pretty normal and acceptable. But, that’s just where the issue is. they have been used and overuse. This is why there is nothing special about these synonyms now.

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