Looking for Places to Savor the Spring

Winter may not be over just yet, but two major events are just around the corner: the NCAA’s annual “March Madness” college basketball playoffs, and Spring Break – that one week or so when college students relax before final exams, and graduation or summer internships and work.  Preparation for these two major activities, coupled with other events like Easter and high school proms and college interviews, makes the next few months a time when folks are traveling even more than many of those more traditionally recognized holidays and vacation seasons.  And when you are traveling – be it to a college for a student interview, or to a place where you can relax for Spring  Break or spend a few days looking at a campus to see if it’s the right place for the next phase of your education, the best thing you might do is to make a reservation at an Embassy Suites motel for you and your family to stay at while you are travelling.

You can take advantage of an embassy suites coupon as one of the best ways to save money and economize on the trip for your family.  That way you can make such a trip more than just a junket to spend with your future college representative.  It can also be a rewarding family trip, one in which your family gets to see and feel the atmosphere of a new part of the country.  The trip can be something not just educational – visiting historic sites and seeing places your children have only read about in their history books – but also entertaining visiting natural attractions and entertainment sites.  A Groupon coupon or promo code gives a $50 daily credit for every night of one’s stay at Hilton hotels worldwide.  A weekend getaway package that gets you double points can also be obtained when you use a Groupon coupon.  And either of these are just what you need with Spring Break just around the corner.  You can visit to a college campus and see major tourist attractions as well.  And with hundreds of conveniently located properties across the United States, it’s easy to book a room close to all the action and sites you want to enjoy.  Spring break doesn’t have to be just for the college crowd; they can have their fun while the “elders” have their own as well.  Sometimes that can be worth more than what you save while you’re taking the youngsters off to campus.

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