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Items To Buy Used and Items To Skip

Items To Buy Used and Items To Skip

Items To Buy Used and Items To SkipIf you are looking to save some money, then you may have looked into buying items used. I have bought many items new and I have saved a great deal of money this way. However, at what point must you not buy an item used and only buy it new? Even though I buy items new, there are certain items that I would never buy used in order to stay safe and/or healthy.

Below are items that you should try to buy used, and others that you should skip and just buy new:

Clothing – BUY

Many clothing items can be bought used. As long as you wash the item before you wear it, there is usually no harm in wearing the item. I’ve never heard of someone getting sick from wearing used clothing! There is such a bad reputation about wearing used clothing when there definitely should not be.

However, for me I would not buy something like a swimsuit or underwear, or socks… You just never know where those items have been or how dirty they are. I’d rather just spend a few extra dollars and buy the item brand new.

Mattresses – SKIP

Mattresses are something that you almost always want to buy new. People usually keep their mattresses for much longer than they are supposed to, and sweat and dead skin are usually crawling in used mattresses.

Instead, you should try to save your money and buy a good quality mattress. Your sleep depends on it!

Books – BUY

Yard sales, thrift stores and more are usually deep with used books. You can usually find a great deal and you may be able to even buy a huge box of used books for super cheap. I know for a fact that you could go to a yard sale, buy a big box of books, and only pay about $10 or less for them. Books are cheap.

Bike helmets – SKIP

Bike helmets are an item that you should always try to buy new. You want something that fits your head correctly and that is not damaged. This is your life and about your safety after all! It’s better to be safe and find a bike helmet that fits you perfectly just in case you were to get in an accident.

Sport items – BUY

Used sport stores seem to be popping up all over the place lately. For example, there are Play It Again Sports near where I live, and these are a great deal usually. You can go in there and buy or sell used sport items at a discount of what the item costs new.

Items that are autographed – SKIP

Items that are autographed are probably things that you want to stay away from. Unless you know 100% for a fact that the item has a real signature, it probably does not. There are so many fake autographs out there. Even if the owner thinks that it’s real, that doesn’t mean much.



What do you tend to buy used? Is there anything that you won’t buy used?


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