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Increasing Your Curb Appeal

Increasing Your Curb AppealIf you are looking to sell your home for a higher price, have it sell more quickly, or to have more potential buyers stop by your open house, then your curb appeal is very important.

Here are my tips to increase your curb appeal.

Clean up your yard.

When it comes to curb appeal, your yard, of course, is very, very important. You should make sure that your yard is clean and that there is no junk, garbage, leaves, branches and so on in the yard. No one wants to see a house and it be extremely messy on the outside like you might be at a junkyard. You would be surprised at some of the horrors I have seen!

Have green grass.

If your front yard is already very clean, then what about your grass? Depending on where you live, green grass can be very important (not so much in the desert probably, of course). You should make sure that your grass is green, there aren’t big muddy spots, and so on.

Plant some flowers.

If you have a clean yard and green grass, then next step to add curb appeal to your home is to plant some flowers. Flowers can go a very long way and can make a basic house absolutely beautiful.


Oh do I love paint! Paint can be relatively cheap if you know what you are doing, and it can quickly transform a house. Depending on your budget, you may want to look into whether the door needs new paint (I love bright red doors on a home), if the exterior needs paint all over, if around the windows something needs to be touched up and more.

Add outdoor lighting.

One thing that we need to add to our home is outdoor lighting. It can be rather dark out there at night-time, and I would also just like a nice pathway along our sidewalk because that can be beautiful. This doesn’t have to be expensive either and you can most likely do your outdoor lighting yourself.

Garage door.

I think a new garage door can completely change a house as well and add a crazy amount of beautiful curb appeal. You might want to look into a new garage door if yours is old or needs a replacement. Garage doors are not extremely expensive, and you might be able to find one and install it yourself for less than $1,000. It might seem like a lot upfront, but you can most likely make your money back if you pick the correct garage door.

My favorite garage doors are the carriage doors (wow, I actually have a favorite garage door, I am a nerd!).

Do you care about your home’s curb appeal? Why or why not?


Image via Flickr by mtnman867

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