Hybrid and Electric Cars That Can’t be Beat

Car and Driver recently released its list for the best Hybrid and Electric cars of the year. Once seen as a thing of the future, the advances in technology and availability have made electric and hybrid cars no harder to purchase than regular models.

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Hyundai Ioniq

First on the list comes a hybrid that takes its name literally. The Ioniq is available in not only a multitude of colors and bodies, but also in different varieties when it comes to its environmental impact. The Ioniq comes in three different options including: Hybrid, EV and plug-in models. Receiving 4 out of 5 possible stars on the site, the Ioniq is a very successful foray into the Hybrid territory for Hyundai.

Volkswagen e-Golf

Long known for their iconic ‘Beetle’, Volkswagen is another brand adapting to the trend and focusing on Hybrid, vehicles. Although nearly all Volkswagen cars are fuel-efficient, the e-Golf is one the best. Getting 125 miles on a single charge, or 119 miles per gallon when filled with gas, the e-Golf will keep you on the road as long as possible while not eating through your wallet. Like the Ioniq, the e-Golf is an extremely successful dive into the expanding market.

Nissan Leaf

One of the originators of the electric movement, the Nissan leaf has been around for years. In addition to long being one of the trusted names in electric vehicles, the Leaf has grown with the times, increasingly adding features that continue to put it near the top of the class. Meshing spacious cabin room with features like a 30-kWh battery and touchscreens around the car, the Leaf screams luxury and family friendly while minimizing its footprint on mother-earth.

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These cars are just a few examples of the steps electric and hybrid cars have taken. Whether you’re looking for one of the newer entrants on the market or one of the most trusted cars on the market, each of these cars makes for a fantastic hybrid or electric option. All have received both critical acclaim and approval from the common folk. Catch on to the trend and help save mother earth with any one of these environmentally friendly vehicles. All these vehicles and more can be found on Cars.com. Cars.com provides one of the largest selection of new and used vehicles on the market, making finding the perfect car for you a breeze.

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