health insurance

health insurance

You must understand the before signing any papers for insurance, you should read the terms and conditions that are clearly stated on the contract. This is very important because that is the first clue for you whether or not you are at present at all eligible to file for insurance claim. If you feel that you are, then you simply need to follow the following steps to file for insurance claim.

  • Be ready: This means that you need to make early preparations by ensuring that all the documents which may be needed by the company are kept ready and you can produce them as and when needed. At times, photographs of property or objects in the good condition can also be really helpful.
  • Report: The very next step after being prepared is to report it as soon as possible. The longer you take to report it, the more you keep stepping away from the claim. If your property has been vandalized, then the first call you make should be to the police. Also, note that insurance policies have a deadline after the incident within which you must get in touch with them.
  • Check your policy: Every policy has a procedure stated that you need to follow. For example, if it is health insurance, then there is a possibility that they already have a predetermined set of hospitals where you need to get yourself treated in case you wish to avail of the health insurance. Thus, investigate all this and then make a move.
  • Get the facts right: This means that you must be able to give an exact account of what happened, how it happened and when it happened. Thus, it is recommended that you must make a note of it as soon as it take places so that you do not later forget important details such as the date, the time, how much money you wish to claim and also facts about the other people involved in the case. A sequential pattern must be evident.
  • Middlemen: it is often seen that insurance policies are arranged by brokers instead of you going to the bank directly. Thus, if you too are in this lot, you must first call your broker and inform him and what the matter is. This is because since they have a certain level of expertise in this field, they will be able to help you claim your insurance better and faster.
  • Make use of the insurance company’s helpline: If you have a look at your policy document, you will see that the number of the insurance company is given. In fact, they usually state more than one numbers so that you can contact them for sure. Thus, you must call them and ask them directly about anything that is needed to help you in your process. They might ask you about the things that you have already done with regard to the previous steps so it is recommended that you be done with all of that already.

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