How To Become Prepared For Spring/Summer

How To Become Prepared For Spring/SummerI’m so incredibly happy that spring and summer are soon approaching. This winter in Chicago has been absolutely brutal. We’ve been hitting all new low records and every day seems to be below zero.

I recently moved here from St. Louis, and the weather was definitely warmer there. The fact that we are close to a lake here in Chicago definitely makes things worse. I’ve never been more excited for the warm weather to come.

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I’m not a fan of the bitterly cold weather, so going outside to do anything has been rare. I’m a fan of running outside, but I just can’t bare the brisk air brushing against my face.

1) Do a deep cleaning for the entire house.

I love doing this right before the warm weather comes around because it’s basically like a fresh start! I like to keep my house clean at all times, but right before Spring hits I like to do a deep cleaning of the entire house. This consists of cleaning absolutely everything. Every little minor detail in the house.

2) Prepare a new eating clean menu alongside with a workout plan.

This is something that can be done at any time of the year, but with Spring approaching it can be a fresh start. It’s also the realization that the warmer weather is soon approaching, which means a lot of less clothing! We live in a time where Google is the platform for everything. You no longer have to buy eating clean menus or workout plans because there’s at on of plans online for free now.

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3) Develop plans for summer.

If you’re off of school or are using vacation time in the summer, it’s great to prepare awhile beforehand. Prepare a trip to somewhere you’ve never been. I know of a lot of people that don’t go anywhere because money is holding them back.

Come up with a savings plan way beforehand. Cut out that coffee and bagel you purchase every morning. Little minor details like that add up. Money might be tight for awhile, but life is about traveling and experiencing different cultures and life. Find the cheapest ways possible to travel.

4) Make plans to volunteer at different places and make a difference.

I’m constantly looking up new ways to help out anywhere and any way possible. Volunteering at different places can also give you great experience and will add onto your resume as well.

5) Take up a new hobby that will make you feel good about yourself.

I definitely recommend yoga for absolutely anyone. It helps tremendously with every aspect of life. Your mind has tons of clarity now and your overall well being is changed. Your body becomes stronger. Look up the benefits for yoga, they are endless.

How are you getting ready for the Spring/Summer?


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