With the internet becoming more and more accessible around the world, even in the remotest of locations, it’s never been easier to become an affiliate marketer. Even the most inexperienced individual can take a brand, market their products on behalf of the company and then enjoy the commission from each sale. But who exactly is an affiliate marketer and how can you get started with affiliate marketing?

Well, an affiliate marker is an individual or company that promotes and publicizes another company’s products – with the intention of helping these products to be purchased by the general public. As compensation for an affiliate marketer’s troubles, the company that sells the product will pay a commission, which can typically be anywhere between 2% and 75%, depending on the product.

Getting started as an affiliate marketer is pretty straight forward. You will need to have at least some knowledge of advertising, even if it’s only minimal. This is because you’ll be responsible for getting your audience interested in the product before they travel to the right place to purchase. Some of the best ways to do this are to review products and recommend them, but you could also just create an affiliate store page and then direct traffic to your website to let people peruse the products that you have available.

What You’ll Need to Get Started as an Affiliate Marketer

A Website

You’ll need your own spot on the internet to build your affiliate marketing enterprise. This can be a website, a blog or even a social media page. Once you have a page set up, take your time to develop a style that matches the products that you intend to promote. The main thing to prioritize at this point is that your domain name should be something simple and relevant. Names with a lot of random letters and numbers can be considered spam and you’ll want to avoid that. The point of becoming an affiliate marketer is to create a website that brands will be proud to have their products displayed on, so make sure to keep things informative and understandable.
A Niche

Once you have your website, blog or social media page set up, you’ll want to decide on a niche, or type of products that you intend to promote. It’s unlikely that anyone will trust a website that promotes cookery products while having dozens of sports photos all over the pages. Find a style and stick to it for the best results. If your promotional products are varied, then opt for a generic design that uses colour schemes instead of graphical elements.

Traffic and Audience

Even the most beautiful website might have no visitors if you don’t do the necessary things to promote your business. Take your time to create unique content that reflects the products on your website – search engines love unique content and this will improve your chances of being displayed higher in search results pages.

You can also drive traffic to your website by implementing specific keywords that reflect the products, or by signing up to social media pages and building an audience through them. Both Facebook and Twitter are ideal for this, just be sure to update your posts frequently to keep your audience engaged; your intention will be to drive them from the external pages, back to your website to check out the products. In order to receive commission, your audience will need to purchase their products using your affiliate links – all of which will be provided to you by your affiliate brands.

Sign up as an Affiliate

You can do this straight after building a website, but companies are much more likely to approve you as an affiliate to their brand if you have a nice looking website with plenty of interaction going on between you and your audience. There are several large companies that you’ll be able to contact to request to join their affiliate scheme, but if you’re ever unsure of your options; Amazon and eBay provide a range of products that can suit your particular niche.

What You Can Do From Here

There’s really no reason why you can’t get started on your affiliate marketing career right now. People make hundreds, if not thousands every single month in the industry; just be sure to keep at it and build your audience for the best results.

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