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Health Documentaries To Watch

I’ve been watching a ton of health documentaries lately and they have all been really inspiring. They’ve not only educated me but changed my perspective on a few things as well.


This is one of the newer documentaries I’ve watched and it’s about GMO’s. GMO’s have been in the news a lot lately and has gotten a lot of negative light shed to it.

Monsanto has seen a lot of protesting and controversy for what they are doing to the world and the GMO’s they are spreading around. They have been known for even suing farms that somehow have the GMO seed, but this can also be because insects spread around the GMO from farm to farm. I’ve been learning at ton about GMO’s in class and it’s been very eye opening. Eating organic seems to be very hard for people because it is more expensive.

So what is a person to do if they can’t afford GMO free food? It’s been bit of a debate and it will continue to be in the headlines for as long as GMO’s are around, I’m sure.

2. Fed Up.

This is a new documentary that I’ve seen and it was very educational and eye opening as well. This documentary caught my attention because it was basically saying humans in America are fighting to stay fit in a world where they are surrounded by processed foods.

There are over 600,000 foods in grocery stores. How crazy is that? 80-90% of those foods are processed and have added sugar to them. That number is absolutely mind boggling to me! I also found it crazy when this documentary reported that 95% of America will be obese or overweight in the upcoming decades. This documentary also reported that 2/3 Americans will have diabetes in the upcoming decades. These statistics are absolutely horrifying.

This generation of kids is set out to die sooner than their parents and this is because of the weight problem in our country. Kids are consuming more and more food than ever before and than trying different diets the rest of their life.

3. Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead.

This documentary actually has 2 parts to it now and the second documentary was just as good as the first one! This man who is overweight/obese goes a juice fast for a few months and shares his journey with the world. He meets different people who have weight problems and even checks with them in the second documentary.

He is very honest in his second documentary and admits that it’s hard to keep the weight off when you discontinue juicing, because obviously not everyone can juice for their entire life. He shows the different changes a human body gets from juicing and you get to see the many benefits he reaps from doing this.

Have you seen any of these documentaries? Are there any documentaries that I didn’t mention that you would recommend?


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