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Why Go With Warrior Trading?

Do you want to learn how to be a Warrior? Not the fighting kind. The trading kind. Day trading is a battle, make no mistake about it. The market is littered with the bodies of tough humans that wanted to take on the tide of rising stocks and make their mark (and profits).

Warrior Trading can give you the skills to get out of the the market alive and with your bank account intact and inflated. Beyond the online classes, video tutorials and free daily content, the site also offers free chat days in its popular day trading chat room and a live trading simulator that allows novice traders the chance to practice without risking real money.

Chat Room Specs

The daily chat room is an advanced interface where users can chat about market news and call out trades, while also looking at screens of stock charts or canners. Presenters and moderators also talk over live audio, sharing their thoughts on trades and trends, to add to the educational feel of the whole operation. It is a free flowing environment, where members are trying to help each other meet an incredible challenge. The cutthroat behavior is for other sites. This room is about community.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to Warrior Trading you can trust the results because all the broker statements are posted online. The traders that run the place are very transparent about their gains and losses. There is not obfuscation. Everything is out there on the table.

That is rare in the larger day trading education world. But Warrior instructors are upfront about the reality of day trading. It is not for everyone. You need to be dedicated to the learn the ins and outs and ready to slog through complicated concepts. But if you can really learn the strategies, they can pay off in real profits.

The Classes

At the end of certain trading days, the Warrior Trading instructors open up a separate chat room for active students and answer questions, in an open office hours-type environment. Questions can be about specific trades or concepts covered in the classes. It is a valuable piece of the Warrior educational curriculum.

Where do you go to find out more about how Warrior Trading handles its business is on StockTwits. Search for Warrior Trading on StockTwits to get an understanding of how the education site is viewed by the larger trading community out there.

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