Nothing compares to the very first job you ever have, the thrilling and nervous feeling you get in the pit of your stomach, and yet the all-encompassing excitement and adrenaline rushes as you walk in through the doors. Now everyone always tells you about the things TO DO on your first day of work, how to talk and walk what to wear, to be on time and I’m sure the list goes on and on. Yet often we end up messing up in minor ways and silly things that no one warns us about. Well you’re in luck for we are breaking down the things one shouldn’t do on their first day of work well without the generic ones like DON’T BE LATE! So let’s go!

Firstly and most importantly, don’t go in there like you know everything: The first time you enter that office you’re a newbie, it’s a new and alien environment, one you need to make your workspace and more of a living for the time to come. It’s your job to take in everything you can, absorb the details, the behaviours and the entire vibe of the place. While conversing don’t mention facts you read online or in the newspaper, don’t make comments on things you’re unaware about for people in an office can be awfully unified when something wrong may be mistakenly spoken.(Soon you’ll be part of that unified force, however you got to get it) go thereto understand and familiarize, rather than educate and dominate.

Secondly, it’s likely your boss and peers may not be the best people (or even good): hard to believe, and is yet a sad truth. Your first, long ago dreamt about and totally planned conversation may not go as well as you had hoped. And let me tell you that is okay. Most superiors and peers try to be welcoming yet stern so as to have a moderate balance and with time it softens to constructive criticism and a deeper mutually mature and understanding relationship. Sometimes, your boss might be arrogant, rude, and perhaps selfish and may often degrade you.But hey, it’s those times when you turn to your friendships in the office that have the same hatred for your hardly tolerable boss. So see the positives,maybe all of it will lead you to take his place one day!

Don’t let first impressions or failures bring you down, learn and grow: you’ll fail and the time will pass. You’ll succeed and yet the time will pass. It’s probable, work will take a toll on you. No one will warn you about the amount of stress and projects you’ll be burdened with, you won’t reach home most nights and the you’ll hate work before the real stuff even begins. But hey, don’t we all have moments we can’t go on? Every time you get scolded, criticized for your work or humiliated in front of your peers and co-workers, instead of being angry try to be better. It’ll be difficult, but you can do it. Your first impression may not have been great or even okay but you can always change that, build your value and worth through your work.

There will be so many things other than these, however these solely cover everything.Also a few other things:

Never decline any help offered or a lunch invitation by a group,try not to get frustrated and emote anger towards the ones who aren’t at fault(you’ll are all in the same boat), don’t and never be a know it all, ask questions to learn not argue, learn how to say no but don’t ever disrespect and lastly, never slack. Most of what you’ll will probably be grunt work, but find your passion and stick to it. The office and your job will give you so much more than you expect, just open up your heart. The job is for you to take and conquer. 

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