Sometimes, when we see something wrong happening, we decide to get up and fight for the cause, and sometimes we are stopped and told to ‘reconsider our decision, because it may not be worth it.’ But then we are also told to keep trying, ‘because it may not show results right away, but some day it would.’
Or sometimes when are way too angry about someone or something, we are told to calm down, “Live peacefully, the world is already at war.”
Why are we told to calm down? Why are we told to let it be? Why should be pick our fights carefully?
This is because a relationship of any kind goes on only when two people learn to enjoy their differences, instead of lashing out on each other at every small issue. Because sometimes there is a low probability of winning, and winning isn’t everything. Because right now you may win the argument, but lose the relationship. Because sometimes it doesn’t matter as much as you think it does. ‘Be selective in your battles, sometimes peace is better than being right.’

Sometimes staying calm and not giving into the anger can help with the situation. Speak up when it’s necessary, not when it would simply lead to an insignificant argument.

You may even be forced to participate in a fight. Don’t engage in the issue, instead say,” Yes okay, you win” and walk away. If they are looking for an argument, you simply don’t play their game. ‘Sometimes you win by walking away.’

You are your biggest opponent. Fight yourself every day, to improve your personality. Live life on your own terms and stop justifying yourself to everybody. Our biggest fear in life is that we are never really confident about ourselves; we are never sure about capabilities. Our inadequacy is the reason we compete. Our inadequacy is the reason we get angry, jealous.
There are very few battles worth fighting- when there is something really wrong happening; either your friend is in trouble or someone is being treated badly. That is when you are actually supposed to take a stand. ‘Pick the right battle and win the war.’
Petty fights don’t deserve your attention. They only make the mess and leave scars. Not everything is worth flipping out over.

Learn to stay calm and composed. Talking less or not fighting doesn’t make you a coward; it just shows that you are mature enough to not let irrational things hurt you.


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