February 2012 Personal Balance Sheet

Below is a look at my personal balance sheet as of February 29, 2012. This is the template that I will use every month for my blog posts.

Starting in March, I will track all of my spending and will have a separate post with my income and expenses for the month.  This will be a good way for me to see where my money is actually going and help me see where I need to cut back on my spending.

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Feb 2012 Balance Sheet

February was just an OK month for me.  Looking at my balance sheet, my overall net worth increased by $3,031. However,this was primarly driven by investments in my 401k plan.  The 401k plan alone increased by $2,054 in February.  March should be a much better month and I hope to boost the amount of money in my savings accounts pretty significantly.  I know that I am going to be getting a refund from the IRS around $1,700, but I am still waiting for a 1099 form from Tradeking so that I can actually finish my 2011 taxes. I’m hoping I get that 1099 any day now so that I can get my refund in March.  I hate letting the government hold my money any longer than I have to!

February could have been a really good month because I had some significant realized gains in my brokerage account, but I took a beating on a Zynga options strangle trade I made before Zynga announced its earnings.  I will probably write  a separate post about this option trade because it frustrates me and I want to vent about it!

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