Be enthusiastic

Be enthusiastic

Your energy makes all the difference.

Your resume will no longer matter. People buy from people. Your body language, your words make an impression a piece of paper cannot. People may not always know what their needs are. The charm is to convince them to give into your interests by making them believe that you alone can help them supply to their needs. You create the story…you create the persona. It is easier to convince people to do or buy something, when you yourself are ready to walk on the road of agreement along with them. Have a “Can-do” attitude. If you believe, only then can you convince the world to believe in it too.

Communication and persuasion are the two most essential aspects of a business– to make your customer buy a product or service, to make your teammates accept your idea, to make someone believe in you, you share your dynamism, your conviction with them and walk together towards the goal. Success is not college degrees, promotions and huge paycheck, it is based on your attachment to the goal. Your dedication is reflected in your enthusiasm, the energy you radiated in an office room and in a presentation hall. . When you believe in something with all your heart, you can put actual persuasion to your efforts.  Being enthusiastic doesn’t mean you have to be loud and entertaining. It is having a sincere belief that his/her goods or services are needed by people. Sincere belief attracts confidence and trust.

Find what people really need, because selling something that no one needs doesn’t really work out well. Put on the customer shoes, try selling the product to yourself. Are you satisfied? If not, how do you expect someone else to buy it? Even when you are preparing to give a presentation to a client or your teammates, you can record the entire act and watch it yourself first. Impress yourself before you target others. Eye contact is one of the things which the other person is subconsciously taking a note of, and is important to gain trust. Trust is important for every transaction- business or personal. You may look unprofessional and sloppy if you are looking around or fidgeting while you are talking. This behavior communicates lack of interest and sometimes even dishonesty.

Enthusiasm is a contagious energy. When you are enthusiastic about something, you increase the positive energy around you. It relaxes others, and people are more receptive to you and your message.

Enthusiasm convinces and conviction brings in healthy associations.

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