Electrical Fires – The Financial Advantages, Disadvantages

Electric fires have progressed at a significant rate in the last 10 years in both safety and efficiency. Not only are they cheaper to run, they have less of an impact on the environment, which is a win-win situation for those that are wanting to upgrade to a new high efficiency electric fire, or already own one.

The Benefits  and Money Saving Advantages of Electric Fires:

The key benefit of electric fires in a home are the fact that they are comparatively cheap to buy and need little or no installation. Where with gas fires, you will need to have them installed by a qualified professional, with electric fires you can simply fit without any specific knowledge, other than simple DIY skills.

Below are a few more benefits of an electric fire:

Efficient at the pointofuse

Most heating appliances need something to be burnt, such as wood or coal. With an electric fire this is not the case, and so you can enjoy 100% efficiency. You can be sure the money you are spending on the electricity is certainly not being wasted with fuel and appliance inefficiency, that can be associated with other heating appliances. Although that said, stoves and gas fires have become incredibly fuel efficient, although none are 100% efficient by their very nature

Theres no need to get your hands dirty

As wonderful as stoves are, they do take time and can be messy to add wood and remove ash. With an electric fire this is not a problem. You only pay for the electricity you use, when you use it. Sound like a stove, you don’t have to pre-pay for your fuel in regarding to having to go out and buy fire wood, sometimes months in advance of actually using it.

Versatile & Space:

If you have a small property or limited space for a heating appliance, an electric fire will be able to work well for you. Also due to the various heating level son an electric fire, you can save money by having the fire on a very low setting when needed. This is not so easy with as tove.

The Disadvantages of Electrical Fires:

The biggest drawback with electric fires is that no matter what model you opt for you are not going to get a flame picture quite comparable to wood or gas.But in terms of efficiency and cost savings you simply can’t go wrong.


Electric fires have come a long way in recent years. The key advantage with them is their 100% efficiency, along with their flexibility to fit with your needs, whether that be financial or space and versatility.

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