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Do you want to help the world but can’t give money?

Do you want to help the world but can't give money?This is a personal finance blog where we can be real about money. Even though you are on a budget, it does not mean that you can’t help others. You may not be able to financially help others, but you can help them in other days, which usually go a lot further.

Also, giving your time instead of money can shield you from wasted charity money. It is known that many charities out there waste a lot of the money that is donated to them. I recently even found out that a local non-profit charity in my town had a CEO who made $1,000,000 each year as his salary. That made my mouth drop because I could not believe that.

By giving time, you know exactly how you are helping others and you don’t have to worry about your donations being wasted.

Donate your old items.

Whenever I heard that people threw away perfectly good items, I tend to cringe. If you can donate items, then please donate them. You never know how someone will reuse or re-purpose your items.

Donate blood and plasma.

There are hospitals and people out there who need your help.

Make a craft.

Perhaps you could make something to help out others. Maybe you can make blankets, create gift baskets and so on. Maybe you can create crafts and sell them to others with the profits all going towards your chosen charity.

Volunteer your time.

You can apply for volunteer positions and have a regular volunteer position. Maybe you will pass out toys, collect food, help at a soup kitchen or something else. There are many places out there that need your help.  Usually it is quite hard for these non-profit groups to find people to fill their positions.

Do you volunteer?

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