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Common Expenses When Deciding To Go To College

Common Expenses When Deciding To Go To CollegeCollege is very expensive. If you just look at average tuition costs, then your mind will most likely be blown. However, if you add in everything else that comes along with going to college, then you will most likely be even more shocked.

Below are common expenses that you may come across when deciding to attend college.


College tuition seems to be rising each and every single year. Whether you decide to go to your local community college or if you go to a private university, tuition will probably be a big investment for you.

You will save money by attending a community college though. My main tip is to make sure that your community college classes transfer to where ever you plan to attend after though!

Where will you live?

Will you decide to live on campus, will you live at home, or will you find your own place to live? Living at home will probably be the cheapest (I can’t think of any instances where it would be more expensive to live at home). Some campuses also have very high room costs, but you would be very close to your classes and could save a lot of time by not having to commute.

You will need to eat.

Food might be a big expense in your budget as well. You will have to eat, and you might be going out a lot to hang out with your friends.


If you live on campus, then you might find that you don’t need a car. However, if you don’t live on campus then you might need a car if your city does not have a good commuter system in place. You will have to pay for the actual car, gas, maintenance and so on.


If you have never had to pay for text books before then yes, the stories of crazy expensive texts books are true. Whether you rent, buy new or buy used, then you will find that college text books are expensive!


There will probably be a few fees that you will need to pay. You might have to pay for parking, lab, the library, computers, fitness and so on. For my MBA program, I found at fees were usually around $1,000 each semester. It is crazy to think about how quickly the fees add up!

Miscellaneous expenses.

There are many other things that you may need to pay for as well. These could include cell phones, having fun, cleaning your clothes and so on.

How much did college cost you? Any other expenses that I am forgetting?


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