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Business insurance

What Types of Businesses Need Liability Insurance?

Most people are bombarded with phone calls and emails daily from companies trying to sell them all types of insurance. To be fair, we all do need to have some insurance like car insurance, so some salespeople might find a customer for personal insurance policies. Business insurance can be more complicated for company owners and...


3 Mistakes Startups Shouldn’t Make While Expanding

From Steve Jobs starting Apple in his garage to Mark Zukerberg working on Facebook from his hostel dorm, we’ve heard so many startup stories that start from one small room and growing into a massive office not just in a single city, but everywhere across the globe. But, this scaling-up takes time, patience and consistent...


Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

How can you go wrong while Facebooking or Snapchatting, right? Everyone knows how to use these, proficiently too. Going by these standards, social media marketing shouldn’t be too difficult to do. If you were thinking that then you wouldn’t be here. You know that being on Facebook is not the same as marketing on Facebook....

female Bank loan schemes

9 Schemes Exclusively Available for Women Entrepreneurs

In this world of constant racing, for a long-time, women were left behind. But times have changed and women are head-to-head with their male counterparts. In every field women have advanced and have seen tremendous growth. In the entrepreneurship side of the business world, women are popping up slowly. Women entrepreneurs have battled all struggles...

Business investor

How to Find the Right Investors for Your Startup?

Getting investors for a new startup is essential but getting the right one is all the more important because of the power that an investor wields. A bad investor can stop your business from even beginning, however brilliant your idea be. As amateurs how do you make the investors to listen to your idea and...

Networking errors

Don’t Make These Common Networking Mistakes

Networking is a highly misunderstood term. But it is something which holds too much importance in the professional world. Hence you ought to learn how to network. For beginners, keep in mind to avoid these common networking mistakes. Not networking Usually people start networking only when they have lost their job and are in need...

business executive

Finding the Right Executives for your Company

One of the most important hiring decisions you can make is finding the right executives for your company. If you’re a king, your executives are your generals. They coordinate the rest of your workforce and make sure everyone is working towards the same overall aim, whatever their position in the company. When you’re hiring, finding...

business loan

10 Reasons Your Business Loan may have been Rejected

A business cannot start without the flow of cash. But to keep the cash flowing is no less than a task. The first thing that pops into the mind to arrange for the capital is taking a loan of course. But getting a bank loan is not a piece of cake. Banks d not chuck...