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How To Become A More Confident Person

youth-570881_640Being a confident person can have many different definitions for each person. To me, confident means being very comfortable in my own skin, body and mind. When I’m confident, I achieve more in all areas of my life.

I wanted to share my tips and advice to you so you can gain confidence and improve all areas of your life.

1) Workout and eat healthy.

These two are paired together because doing one doesn’t really work without the other. Whenever I am working out and not eating as good, I notice a considerable difference. Whenever I am eating healthy but not working out at all, my confidence goes down a bit. I’ve learned over the years that I have to do both together, otherwise I am wasting my time altogether.

2) Find a physical hobby that you can excel at.

I’ve tried pretty much every single physical activity that is available to me where I live. I’ve tried rock climbing, kickboxing, Bikram yoga, regular yoga, and more. There are activities that I like more than others and I’m happy that I at least tried these different activities. I’ve recently got back into yoga and it’s been very beneficial for me in various ways. Which leads me to my next point.

3) Try out any kind of yoga.

I’ve cone Bikram yoga and for me, it was a little too difficult. I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as the less hotter classes, as Bikram yoga is set at 105 degrees in the room. The yoga studio I go to has a wide variety of temperatures and different classes to choose from.

The Bikram yoga studio only offered 1 type of class, which was always set at 105 degrees. I love yoga because I’m able to push myself and really get in tune with my body. You can easily tell how much you’ve improved by doing different poses. I believe yoga is much more than just a workout, it can potentially change your life.

It’s improved my confidence so much to the point where once I do yoga at the beginning of my day, the bar is set as high as it can go for the day.

4) Not only find a physical hobby you can achieve much in, but also find an activity that is mentally stimulating.

I am always practicing and trying to improve my Spanish. My goal is to be comfortable speaking Spanish and a third language after Spanish. Learning a new language has been proven to better many different parts of your brain and can help you retain information longer.

It obviously also allows you to speak to people all around the world.

5) Always try to remain positive and optimistic when at all possible.

When you radiate positivity, it’s a lot easier to live life. It takes so much energy to be a negative nancy. I used to complain all the time about different things in my life and it was mentally draining. I know no one around me was enjoying me whine about life. Who wants to be around somebody who is negative all the time anyway? Even for a little of the time?

What tips and advice would you share to someone to help them gain confidence?


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