perfect business plan

perfect business plan

Starting from the scratch in business is quite a tough job. New expansions and steps will need you to put in more money into it. This is where investors become your friends in business. Growing to the point where you can begin to call for investors for further developments is hugely satisfactory for any businessman. What if at this point, things go south? There are some qualities that investors will look for in companies they might fund. Is your start-up one of them? Read on to find out.

  1. Set realistic short term goals.

Companies tend to look for investors mostly through a period of six months. Before you decide on the time period, you should analyse your financial situation well. Know whether there is room of fit the travel and personal expenses of the hunt  in revenue or not. You stand a chance with the investors if only you understand who you are. You must prove to them your mettle – that you are a wise businessman who knows the market. Your business and the market should be getting along well for investors to be interested in you.

  1. Social media

An  social media  presence can benefit you in two ways. First of all it is a chance for you to impress your potential investors. Let your personality stand out bright and optimistic in the social media pages. If you can do that and spread positive messages to people around you, what the investors will see is a successful man who is ready to help others. This could get you a stronger chance in while you are pitching  for the investment.

  1. Play at your level.

To improve your chances  getting investors, and thus funds, for your business,  you should try your luck at your own level. If you have just started out and needs more experience in the field, it won’t be a good idea to look for help with giant investors. On the other hand there will always be newbie investors around to help people like you. Look companies that have helped with your kind of business and then pitch in your offer.

  1. Be ready

Be ready to do the pitching anytime and any where. You might not know when it could be useful. Always be prepared with an elevator pitch. An elevator pitch means a short detailed account of your business, it so-far growth, future goals, markets and so on and so forth. It is absolutely necessary that your can fluently talk about these things in front of investors. Being nervous can make you stutter, which won’t paint a good impression of you before the investors. So the best way to avoid this is practising. Practice your pitch when ever and with whom ever you can. Talk to strangers, in front of the mirror or to your parents. Do it if the enough that you are confident of doing it in front of anyone at anytime.

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