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Alternatives To Cable TV

If you are anything like me, you are always looking for ways to save a little money. A great way to cut costs is to start with your utilities, specifically those that are non-essentials. The big one that stands in the forefront when it comes to cost is your cable bill. Cable companies charge upwards of a hundred dollars a month and chances are you only really watch a handful of the channels anyways. If you can’t imagine a world without your favorite TV shows, fear not, as there are many ways to still watch them without breaking the bank.


Rabbit Ears

This day in age you can receive a large number of broadcasted channels free of charge by simply hooking up an antenna to your TV. The digital quality that you receive is crystal clear and it comes at a price that you can’t beat; free.

The Internet

If you are already paying for high speed Internet, have it work extra hard for you. There are many shows that are available online free of charge right after they air. Many other sites will stream shows or movies for relatively little money.

Satellite TV

If you have cable and have not ever considered satellite TV, perhaps it is time to do so. The bundles and contracts come at a much more reasonable rate than cable TV and oftentimes with a lot of variety and versatility. This way you can pick packages or channels that you are more likely to watch and opt out of the channels that you are not likely to ever view.

Paid Subscriptions

If you haven’t already heard of Netflix and Hulu Plus or other similar services, they are definitely worth checking out. For a very reasonable monthly rate, you have unlimited streaming access to thousands of movies and TV series. With relatively little effort, you can set up your TV so that these shows and movies with stream directly through it with ease.

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to cable TV. Knowing what is available and researching your options will get you a long way when it comes to watching your favorite shows for little cost. Do not fall victim to paying outrageous rates for other a handful of shows that you actually enjoy watching. If none of these options is appealing you, you can always go the route of cutting the cord completely. This has been shown to have a correlation with increased quality of life as can definitely help in cutting your monthly expenditures.

Do you still pay for cable tv? Why or why not?


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