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7 Tips For An Ergonomic Office

7 Tips For An Ergonomic Office

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With 2016 approaching, businesses everywhere should be considering how they can ensure that the working environment is productive and positive in the New Year. Creating a positive working environment is one of the best ways to keep your employees at their best when it comes to work and wellbeing. By ensuring that the work place is well designed and ergonomic, you can guarantee a happier and healthier workforce in 2016.

What is ergonomics? Ergonomics refers to the applied science of equipment design and how it affects people when they use it. So, an ergonomic office would be a space where the equipment, furniture and so on is designed to benefit employees.

For those working in a warehouse or on a shop floor, safety and ergonomics need to be considered by employers. Consider upgrading your warehouse to be more ergonomic with handling equipment online.

Here are 7 ways you can make your office ergonomic, and therefore more productive.

  1. Chairs

Spending a day in the office means a lot of sitting, and this can lead to low energy levels, back pains and discomfort if the chair isn’t comfortable enough. Ergonomic chairs have been around for a while now, though many businesses are turned off by them because of the cost. While some of these higher quality chairs can cost quite a lot, you can find ergonomic chairs that are just as good for a lower cost. A proper ergonomic chair should have an adjustable height and back rest to prevent slouching and keep your employees back straight.

  1. Desk

Your employees will have to spend a lot of time at their desks, and like the chair it’s important that the desk is a comfortable space to work at. When it comes to the actual desk, it’s important that it’s at the proper height so that your employees aren’t having to reach up or down. Ideally, your arms should be level with the desk.

  1. Standing Stations

Alternatively, you can create some work spaces where people stand, though this doesn’t have to be mandatory. Some people do prefer to stand while working or would like the option to do so. This can be a great way to mix things up in the work space and give productivity a boost.

  1. Keyboard and Mouse

The things that go on your desk are also important. A badly designed keyboard and mouse can lead to health issues such as repetitive stress syndrome, but there are lots of models that are ergonomic in design and would be much better for your employees, especially when you have to use them frequently. When using this equipment, it should be that your elbows are bent at or close to a 90 degree angle.

  1. Dual Monitors

Many businesses make use of dual monitors in order to streamline the work process, but it’s also important that monitors are kept at eye level. Dual monitors mean that you have to look around and keep moving rather than staring at a single screen for eight hours a day.

  1. Reduce Glare

If you make use of monitors in the work place then it’s important that the impact of glare is reduced. The glare off a computer screen can have various detrimental effects, including migraines and vision problems. Adjusting the monitor properly can effectively reduce glare, which will improve the quality of work and productivity.

  1. Encourage Breaks

Finally, one of the best ways to turn your office into an ergonomic space is to encourage your employees to take short and frequent breaks throughout the day. When it comes down to it, there’s nothing better than being able to disconnect and step away from the work station for a while in order to refresh the mind and body. Many of us end up getting into a groove when we’re working and it’s surprisingly easy to forget that you need a break. To improve the quality of your work space next year, make sure your employees are getting the breaks they need.

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