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7 Money Saving Tips

7 Money Saving Tips

7 Money Saving TipsIf you are like me, then you are probably always looking for different ways to save money. I would never call myself cheap, I just do not like having to spend extra money that I do not have to. I would rather be a little bit more smart so that I can keep more money in my pocket. Because of that, today I am going to share 7 money saving tips so that you as well can keep more money in your pocket.

1. Cancel cable.

My first money saving tip will be that you cancel your cable. Yes, yes, I know, everyone thinks they need cable. However, you probably do not. If you are looking to save money then you should look into other avenues of watching your favorite TV shows. Many shows are available online, or you could try getting Hulu or Netflix, or even a combination of the many different methods out there right now.

2. Workout more frugally.

There are plenty of ways to workout for cheap. So here’s a money saving tip – cut out your gym membership, especially if you do not use it. There is no need to spend money unless you want to do something specialized such as Cross Fit or hot yoga.

3. Use coupons.

No, you do not need to become a couponing queen, however you might want to occasionally break out a coupon when you are in line at the register and save some quick money. Become a money saving queen and use some coupons!

4. Go thrift shopping.

Thrift shopping does not need to be a waste of time. I feel like many people say that. You can find a lot of great clothing for you and your family by thrift shopping if you know the correct stores and areas to look at.

5. Take care of your car.

Taking care of your car properly can add years to its life, and it can also help the car run more smoothly. If you skip things like tire rotations or oil changes when you need them, then you may actually cause yourself to spend more money later on down the road.

6. Never pay any fees or late charges.

Do you often forget to pay bills? Maybe you are paying fees that you do not need to pay such as for using an ATM? You should search around and see if there is any way to get around this. For example, instead of forgetting to pay your bills, schedule your payments ahead of time, set up automatic payments, or set up a reminder on your phone’s calendar so that you will not forget.

7. Think before you buy.

Before you are about to buy something, try putting it back and come back an hour later or even the next day or following week. This way you can determine if you actually need the item. I have done this numerous times, and most of the time I realize I can do without the item.

How do you save money each day or each month?

Share your valuable money saving tips with us!


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