4 Ways Women Are Owning the Influencer Space


Research has found that word-of-mouth marketing influences 20 to 50 percent of all purchasing decisions.  We all trust a real person more than an advertising from a corporation.  The explosion of social media has taken word of mouth marketing to a new level – women in particular are owning the influencer space.  Celebrities used to hold the influencer torch but thanks to the online connection, regular folks are online “celebrities” now too.  Everyday women have used social media to market themselves and a countless number of niches.  They have grown brands and products as influencers by utilizing social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. For example, companies like 888Poker.com sponsor brand ambassadors like Annie Duke to bring more female players to the game.

Below are the four main niches where women have dominated the influencer space in recent years.

Beauty Products

It is no secret that most women love looking and feeling beautiful.  Women spend billions on cosmetics and anti-aging products, which is why women have excelled at marketing products and or application techniques to other women on social media. Many women have used their faces to model the latest moisturizer or skin cream that will help others battle dreaded wrinkles.  Whether it is makeup application tutorials on YouTube or selling cosmetics on Facebook, women are raking in the dollars as powerful influencers in this niche.  Beauty sells and women are excellent ambassadors to other women wanting to improve or enhance their appearance.

Physical Fitness

Ever wonder how your Facebook friend lost all her baby weight?  She would love to tell you! Weight loss and diets are universally always on women’s minds.  Women are turning their diet and workout tips into money.  There are workout regimens available on virtually every social media channel.  Women are attracting millions of hits on social media by marketing weight loss smoothies and shakes and workout moves. Everyone wants to know the other person’s secret to a great figure, which is why women have dominated this niche.

Family Life

Being a wife and mother are two of the most difficult jobs a woman will ever have. We all value advice from our girlfriends going through the same situation.  Social media has allowed women to share their struggles, stories and advice with other moms across the world. Women have also been influencers to help grow charitable contributions for the community.  They say it takes a village and now women have a global village thanks to the internet.  Actual mothers and wives are the ultimate ambassador when it comes to family life topics.

Household Items

Visit a social media site such as Pinterest or Facebook and you will find women influencers marketing everything from candles to interior design.  Women are allowing other women into their homes and lives, sharing their personal interior design and tips and tricks.

Women are owning the influencer space by attracting other women on social media channels –targeting mothers, beauty lovers, homemakers and those trying to shed a few pounds. By simply sharing what they love and what works in their lives, women are helping other women in the influencer space, and earning an extra income at the same time.

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