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4 Tips for Hosting a Successful Open House

4 Tips for Hosting a Successful Open House


It can be a huge hassle to try to get a house sold, but with some careful planning and coordinating, you can make an old house look great for potential buyers. Follow these tips to make sure your open house is the best that it can possibly be.

Make Sure the House Looks Great

There’s no point in showing off a beat-up old house that no one would want to buy. Make sure the house is in as good a condition as possible. Even if the house does have some problems, make sure the home owners have done what they can to keep the place tidy, presentable, and clean.

Of course, you will still need to be honest with potential buyers about any problems the house may have. If the buyers express some concern about certain deficiencies, explain to them how the asking price reflects these problems and offer suggestions about the best ways to fix these problems.

Arrange the foyer in an attractive way as this will be the main welcome point for visitors. Leave a sign-in book at the door. This will be a great way to allow potential buyers to leave their contact information in a way that doesn’t make them feel pressured. Put the sign-in book on a nice table by the front door along with water bottles and snacks, pamphlets or info sheets about the house, and maybe even discs with house walk-throughs that they can take home. You may also want to put out a binder with important documentation on the house including copies of recent safety examinations and termite tests.


You will need to get the word out about your open house if you actually want people to show up! Spread the word by posting flyers in local spots like the coffee shop and grocery store. Advertise online on discussion boards for local events, local sales, and housing opportunities websites. Don’t forget Craigslist and sales pages on Facebook.

Make plenty of coroplast yard signs. You will want a few to put in your yard as well as a few for the nearby streets. Signs should indicate the realtor’s name, the address of the house for sale, and directions if it is a sign you are posting on a nearby crosswalk or street corner.

Make a website for your home. Offer walk-through photos or videos and give specs on the house. Include photos of the home in different seasons. This will be especially nice if you can include some of the home in the snow or with Christmas decorations hung up, some photos with the plants in bloom in the spring, etc. Make sure that all of your ads and flyers include the URL for your website.

Keep the Potential Buyers Happy

One of the hardest parts of being an effective salesperson is in keeping the potential buyers happy. This requires a careful balance between being helpful and attentive, and knowing when to leave the customers alone. If you can, greet the potential at the door and offer them a tour if they would like one. If it’s going to be a busy day, you may want to offer a sign-up sheet for tours so potential buyers can come back later.

Be prepared to answer any questions that your guests may have, but if they seem to want to look around on their own, be sure not to hover! Of course, you will want to keep an eye on everyone just to make sure there are no thefts. Valuable goods should be removed or locked up. You can consider installing a few cheap security cameras if you want to.

Be Confident!

As in any sale, it’s important that you act as a reassuring voice for the potential buyer and that you help them see how the house can fit into their budget and lifestyle. Present a clear and concise picture of life in this community and help the customer see how they will fit in. Help them get excited about their purchase! Buying a house should be a happy next step, so make sure your buyers are feeling good and confident!

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