Branding strategies

Branding strategies

Branding does not have a very simple recipe to success. Branding is a very important aspect for any business, and to be honest it doesn’t have a perfect plan. The branding strategies change depending on the current market dynamics, and the type of industry you come from.

Let us take an example – Nike. Nike is one of the leading brands for athletic shoes and other apparels. Ever since it was first established in 1964, it has only become more popular. The secret to its success is its constant changing in its marketing strategies to meet up the demands of its customers. It is difficult to imagine if Nike had sat back and declared that it is not going to change. The brand would have been long dead and gone. So, the moral of this story is that if you want your company to last, more than a mere 4 months, you have to make sure you are able to communication well to your audience, and strategies of communication may have to change from time to time. Branding is nothing but a sense of feeling that you instill within your customers, regarding your brand.

We bring to you some tips and tricks to communicate effectively to your audience and do your branding right. Read along to get started:

(1) The first job to do is to find your story. Even though Nike’s logo and tagline haven’t changed since 64, but its message is constantly being adjust to convey itself to its audience.

(2) It is important to know what your customers think of you and your products. You want to retain your old customers and get new ones as well. With the digital world growing at such high rates, it isn’t exactly difficult to get information about your customers’ choices, latest trends and what your competitors are offering. For example, even though Pepsi has changed its logo and even its name over the years, the company has still present relevant products to its customers. During the recession period, it presented itself as the cheaper version of Coco-Cola. Now, that is branding!

(3) Once you have identified your target customer base, you need to keep them engaged through their favorite media channels – Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. Make sure your webpage are mobile friendly in order to increase the engagement.

(4) While you concentrate on yourself, it is also important to keep a close eye on your competitors and their strategies.

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