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Are you already thinking about your retirement days? Will you be ready for the tough road ahead?

Well. Retirement is not just about savings and investments. It also about making the best out of your twilight years. You have worked your whole life to achieve your goals. And now is the time to be with your loved ones, visit places you always dreamt about and live your life on your terms.

To make sure everything goes as planned, there are some tried and tested rules of thumb for a happy retirement that you should follow indefinitely.

Here are the rules of thumb for a happy retirement.

1. Before you quit your job, know the “Action Plan for Retirement”

Creating an “Action Plan for Retirement” includes setting income goals, figuring out income sources after your work life ends, risk-free investment options and a healthcare plan for you and your life partner. The main goal of “Action Plan for Retirement” is to predict the potential problems you would face ahead and have a solid plan to counteract them.

 2. The “Four Percent Rule”

After retirement, most people go on live for more than 30 years. Do you think your current retirement plan is capable of taking care of you and your partner for so many years? Even if the answer is yes, you should follow the 4 percent rule which will continue to provide a steady income stream throughout your retirement.

According to Investopedia, a retiree should not withdraw more than 4 percent of their total savings in the first year of retirement. The “4 percent” is supposed to be a result of the interest(from a savings account) or dividends(from investments).

3. Keep your mind busy and exercise regularly

keep busy

According to arecent study by Harvard University, old age diseases can be avoided by engaging in activities like socializing, eating a balanced diet low in saturated and trans fats, not smoking or doing illegal drugs, getting enough sleep, socializing, etc.

It does not matter how active you were in the past. A sudden change in lifestyle can be very dangerous for your health. It can also kill you.

4. Find an affordable place to live

The city you live in also affects your spendings. Some retirees have also considered migrating to other countries like Costa Rica, Chile, Malaysia, and Thailand. These countries are very affordable for a North American person. People there are very cultured and show a willingness to accept foreigners in their country.

To migrate to one of these countries, you might have to buy a piece of land there or pay a one-time migration fee. Every country has it’s own unique migration policy, so make sure you pick that country that has the best policy for you.

For those who wish to stay in the United States, CNBC has done a study to find out the cheapest states to live in. According to them, Oklahoma, Michigan, and Tennessee are the top three cheapest states in the United States.


A retirement plan does not always work as expected. So have multiple options in case of a financial crisis. It is important to do the strategizing and planning beforehand as you won’t be able to go to work at an old age.

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