How productive is multitasking


Multitasking, as described by millennial generation is the capability of people to do more number of tasks as the same time, balancing all tasks simultaneously. There has been a misleading debate regarding how productive multitasking has been with many people recommending it while many of them saying that it should be avoided at all costs. But, to be honest, our lives have been so busy, our jobs so competitive and our schedules so hectic, we cannot afford to stop at all. We wouldn’t think twice about browsing through our mail while attending a conference call. The entire concept of doing as many tasks as possible at the same time, and getting plenty done, especially because of the tight time schedule that we have to follow is make promotes this nature of multitasking. It is okay, multitasking may be the need of the hour and unlike what most people who say, multitasking does have its advantages and disadvantages and may not necessarily be a bad work habit. Here are some reasons you might want to consider multitasking. Read on to find out more:

(1) Multitasking keeps you active. We tend to get distracted by the most simplest of tasks, liking even sending out a message on the phone to a friend – we might start thinking about something entirely different, not related to the text. Multitasking will not give you any space to think or do something else, which is not related to what you are doing as of now, because your mind is already busy with the current tasks.

(2) Honestly, productivity may get affected as of now, but in the long run, multitasking only helps. When you are multitasking, so many of your tasks get completed all simultaneously. While there is an issue of making mistakes, but that is something that can be worked upon with more practice. Continuous engagements and activities in your brain will keep your brain active.

(3) This technologically savvy world has no place for people who cannot match up the speed of this fast-changing digital world. The internet is involved in almost all activities, from what takes place in your mobile phones, to everything that takes place on business computers. A millennial entrepreneur has so many roles to fulfill, which is not possible, if he/she doesn’t multitask. Managing every aspect of the business – sending out business mails, editing, marketing, managing client relationships, advertising, social media management, etc. comes only with multitasking.

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