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3 Hacks for Early Retirement

3 Hacks for Early Retirement


A hack is a trick or a shortcut that is used to maximize the benefits of a procedure. They are not only an effective problem solver, but they also make the situation simpler and more fruitful. These hacks are used in various ventures in order to make them more productive and retirement is not an exception to this system. As an important element in an individual’s life, retirement is given much thought and planning. Using hacks to simplify the process will enable a retiree to make maximum use of his/her retirement savings. For those who wish to save wisely, the following hacks for early retirement will be of immense help.

Early holiday plans

All retirees have a planned, extravagant vacation in their to-do list. Although everyone deserves a great holiday after years of hard work, they must understand that a vacation is supposed to be not only fun but also affordable. Once they get their retirement money in hand, most couples fly off to spend it without a second thought. This instant whim must be avoided if they wish to save their funds for the future. This does not mean holidays must be cancelled all together, but rather they should be planned and budgeted more wisely.

Keep an eye on medical costs

People who retire before the age of 65 are presented with the threat of facing their healthcare expenses. Individuals who have medical conditions need to have an amount separated for emergency medical purposes since they are often unexpected. A Roth IRA would be a great option for this purpose since the retirees will be able to make tax free withdrawals. This way, the individual will be able to save much of their income into their retirement account which in turn assures the person’s physical and mental well-being.

Price alerts

Regardless of whether the retiree currently own stocks or is looking for some, setting price alerts for investments is a very smart retirement hack. With this system, he/she will be made aware about even the slightest changes in the specific industry. For example, if the retiree has invested in silver IRA, he/she will be informed about the silver market prices on a regular basis which will enable him/her to keep a track of their investments. This will also prevent an individual from investing in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Rent your vacation home

Though this may not sound as appealing as owning a vacation home, it proves to be highly beneficial due to various reasons. Rental vacation homes do not require heavy maintenance, repair or housekeeping. This way, he/she does not need to worry about break-ins, thefts and damages while being away. Moreover, it gives them the liberty to spend each vacation in a new house instead of returning to the same old place. Thus, renting a holiday villa instead of purchasing one lowers the retiree’s expenses, responsibilities and stress levels to a great extent.

The retiree can be guaranteed higher levels of financial security if he/she employs these hacks to simplify their retirement plan.

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