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10 Ways to Improve and Reinforce Your Companies Corporate Culture In Order To Improve Productivity

10 Ways to Improve and Reinforce Your Companies Corporate Culture In Order To Improve Productivity

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If you want to improve the corporate culture within your organization, you need to make a conscious effort to support and reinforce your human resource and management department and system. This is important because your staff is the most important piece in the corporate culture puzzle. They will carry out and implement the values, mission and vision of your company.

You have to be aware that not everyone who comes to work for you will be attuned to your company’s values and overall corporate culture, that is another reason why it is important to give the human resource department as much support as is necessary, in order to hire the right people for your company.

Below are the different considerations that you should make if you intend to improve the corporate culture in your organization in order to improve overall productivity of the staff and create a conducive environment for a better work ethic.

Determine core values and reinforce them often

If you haven’t already, you need to determine what the core values of your company are and make them visible to everyone within the company so that they are all clear about what behavior is held in high regard within the company. You can start by trying to come up with about 10 core values that define the company that you are or would like to be seen as.

Once you have come up with these values, you need to reinforce them as much as possible. Make sure that your human resource department is conversant with them and that they have been inculcated into job descriptions, on the job training, hiring and the job recruitment process and in the daily work environment that is used by your staff, customers, visitors and partners.

Have a training team to impress your companies values on other staff

It is important to have the same consistent message being transmitted about your company’s values to different staff members. To do this, it is important to have a team that is very competent to train the rest of your staff.

Make your hiring process specific to your needs

If certain members of your staff are going to have to interact a lot, it is important that you conduct your hiring process as a sort of courting process. Once you have determined that the potential new employee is qualified to do the job, you need to be able to find out if he/she will fit into your company’s culture or if the rest of your well-picked staff will be able to work well with the potential new employee.

You want to avoid a situation where a new member of staff comes in and ruins all the hard work you have put in into trying to create a good corporate culture that is appropriate for your company.

Take your time in hiring staff

Even without thinking about a company culture, most employers will tell you that taking your time to hire the right staff is better than hurrying up to fill an open position. The damage of hiring the wrong staff, let alone the cost of having to get rid of someone who doesn’t suit your company, makes taking your time to hire the right person a vital step and the best way to conduct the hiring process.

Make hiring, by and large, a group process

At least, let different people be involved in the hiring process and give feedback that will be used to make the final decision whether to hire or not. At times, it may even be necessary to gain consensus or vote if a candidate is to be hired or not.

Get your staff oriented to meeting your customers every now and then

This is especially the case for employees or staff who never get to meet your customers.

Back-office kind of staff sometimes need to be aware of the people that they serve in order to put a face on the purpose of their work and improve the performance of their duties. Let promotions and salary bumps be tied to skill tests

In order to make the promotion and salary structure as transparent and as achievable as possible, it is important to create skill tests that are necessary for every job level and a corresponding improved salary bump.

Facilitate the leaders in your company to strengthen team building

In order to make everyone in your company feel like part of a team, it is important to integrate team building into the company interactions. This can easily be done by facilitating managers or team leaders to take mandatory time with their team members in order to understand each other better and to fortify your company’s core values.

This can be done by organizing group trips, team sports and activities and sometimes even inviting family members to join in company-wide events.

Empower your staff

The more your staff feels that their work has value and impact, the more that they can contribute to the growth of the company. Instead of shutting down creativity and enthusiasm for the job, it is better to train staff to know how to handle any situation with customers better and empower them to follow the right procedure in meeting the day to day demands of their jobs.

Customers will get to feel this vibe from your employees and it is likely that you will get repeat customers.

Make your staff  part of each other’s success or failures

In order to build staff coherence and accountability, it is important to make the different teams in your company talk more to each other often. For example, the accounts and finance team should get to understand the sales and marketing team and vice versa.

Building team interaction and communication will allow for better cohesion and synergy between different departments within your company.

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