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These are the Best Hours to Trade the Market

By Jurgen / a few months ago

Everyone knows that one of the major advantages of trading in currency, rather than other markets is that the forex market is open 24 hours a day, every weekday. Because of this, many new forex traders jump right in. Unfortunately, this does not work very well and can deplete the capital of the trader very […]


Technical Analysis for Beginners

By Jurgen / 6 months ago

Technical analysis is the study of past price history, to determine the future direction of a currency pair.  Traders who use technical analysis generally believe that all the current available information that exists is incorporated into the current value of an assets.  By evaluating the past, you can determine where traders believe the market will […]


The Introduction to CFD Trading by XTrade Europe

By Shilpa / 10 months ago

CFD trading or commodity trading is definitely one of the most popular and the most profitable online trading strategies available these days. Thanks to the Internet and different online trading platforms, people from around the world can easily access the global market and invest in different kinds of assets. Basically, it is all about predicting […]


Your Biggest Problem With Spread Betting, and How You Can Fix It

By Shilpa / 11 months ago

So you heard from some friends that you could make a ton of money spread betting, so you read a few articles for newbies and then jumped right in, expecting the profits to start rolling in almost immediately. Then the trend went the other way, and your hefty account balance shrank significantly. The good news? […]


A Beginner’s Guide to CFDs in 2016

By Disha / last year

A contract for difference (also simply known as a CFD) is a type of trading instrument defined as a derivative. To put this another way, the price of a CFD is derived from the current trading value of an asset (such as a stock or an index). Many CFDs are traded on a margin basis. […]